๐Ÿ†™Upgrading Ord Client

In this exercise, we will be upgrading ord client from version 0.18.1 to 0.18.2

Review Release Notes

First step in upgrading is to scan through the release notes and note of any actions you will need to do when upgrading your client. Release notes for ord can be found here:

For 0.18.2, there is an update that will require us to move current wallets in our ord data directory to a /wallets folder.

Download Assets and Upgrade Ord Client

On the releases page, scroll down until you see Assets. For WINDOWS, you will download the Windows version.

Once that is done downloading, open your Downloads folder and Unzip/Extract the folder.

Open the folder that you Unzipped. It should look like this:

Now, locate your Ord folder that houses your ord.exe client. If you followed my guide, it will be located here: C:\Users\<yourname>\source\repos\ord\target\release

Rename the existing ord.exe to ord 0-18-1 (you can update the 0-18-1 to the version you had before). This is just for safe keeping.

Now from your Downloads folder, move the new ord.exe client into the ord folder:

It should look like this when you move it successfully:

Now, we will run a command to make sure our changes work.

In your command terminal, cd (change directory) to where your ord.exe client is located:

Now run ./ord --version

You can now see my ord client has successfully upgraded to 0.18.2.

Migration Action Items

For 0.18.2, we will need to follow the migration action items that were provided in the release notes:

We will need to locate your ord data directory folder:

  • Those who saved the ord data directory on the default C drive, you will be able to find the ord data directory folder by accessing your AppData folder:

    • In your start bar (on the bottom of your computer), in the search field, type %appdata%and press enter. Go to your Roaming folder (if needed, you may already be there). Find your ord folder.

  • ON SSD/External: Find the ord data directory directly on your SSD by going to the designated folder. In your commands, you will usually put a --data-dir <path> flag. Go to that <path> folder.

In my ord data directory you will see I have my index.redb, and then my two wallets .redb files (ord.redb and PIZZA.redb):

Create a new folder called wallets

Now move your wallet .redb files into the wallets folder:

Now the ord folder will look like this:

... and my wallets will be in the new wallet folder:

If you have any signet/testnet folders , do the same thing for those wallets!

Example of signet:

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