๐ŸงกInstalling Bitcoin Core

Mac users, this tutorial is designed for Windows users. Mac user's should check out Taha Abbasi tutorial here. Windows users, read on.

Basic Requirements

  • A computer or server with a high-speed internet connection

  • A minimum of ~700GB of free hard drive space (as of April 16, 2024). I recommend having at least 1-2TB of free space to account for future blocks that will be confirmed.

  • A reliable power source

Download Bitcoin Core

Here is the direct link to download Bitcoin Core:


Go through the usual install prompts, but pause once you get to the "Welcome to Bitcoin Core" prompt (see below).

Once you get to the prompt "Welcome to Bitcoin Core", be sure you are selecting the correct drive/folder you would like your Bitcoin Core to index to. This would be the drive that has the freest amount of space. Be sure to UNCHECK the "Limit block chain storage to" .. DO NOT HAVE THIS CHECKED!

Update Config File

Once Bitcoin Core is open, Select Settings -> Options.

Click "Open Configuration File" and click Continue. If it asks for a default program to open with, select Notepad.

Update the config file:


Save the config file and restart Bitcoin Core.

Now we wait... Bitcoin Core will begin to sync to the blockchain. Depending on your internet connection, this could take several hours up to a couple days. Be patient, keep your pc running... be sure no updates are scheduled that would restart your computer... keep your laptop plugged in... you get it.

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